LUMS Series


Beyond Boundaries: The School of Science and Engineering

Interviewed by: Dr. Muhammad Sabieh
Date: 15-Sep-20
Duration: 54 Mins

A Life Spent in Service

Interviewed by: Dr. Suleman Shahid
Date: 25-Sep-20
Duration: 103 Mins

Learning and Education

Interviewed by: Dr. Faisal Bari
Date: 26-Sep-20
Duration: Dr. Faisal Bari

Thinking Beyond One’s Own Lifetime

Interviewed by: Dr. Arshad Ahmad
Date: 13-Oct-20
Duration: 42 Mins

Law, legality, and Justice

Interviewed by: Dr. Sadaf Aziz
Date: 3-Nov-20
Duration: 43 Mins

Establishing a World-class University in Pakistan

Interviewed by: Prof. Wasif M Khan
Date: 18-Sep-20
Duration: 57 Mins

Promoting Education

Interviewed by: Dr. Ali Khan
Date: 15-Oct-20
Duration: 64 Mins

Management Lessons

Interviewed by: Dr. Ehsan Ul Haque
Date: 15-Sep-21
Duration: 63 Mins

Ethical Leadership

Interviewed by: Dr. Jawad Syed & Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan
Date: 17-Sep-21
Duration: 54 Mins