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The Sacred Heart School Experience and Early School Years

Interviewed by: Dr. Mariam Chughtai
Session: 01
Date: 23-June-21
Duration: 52 Mins
Day 02-B

Family Life: Parents, Children,

Interviewed by: Dr. Muhammad Tariq
Session: 02
Date: 30-June-21
Duration: 71 Mins

Character & Personal Values, Leadership, Vision

Interviewed by: Dr. Ihsan Qazi
Session: 03
Date: 2-Jul-21
Duration: 50 Mins

World Wildlife Fund

Interviewed by: Dr. Fozia Parveen
Session: 04
Date: 7-Jul-21
Duration: 50 Mins

Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s World

Interviewed by: Syed Humza Farhan
Session: 05
Date: 9-Jul-21
Duration: 44 Mins

Taking on the Family Business and Starting New Ventures

Interviewed by: Saima Mujtaba Rana
Session: 06
Date: 14-Jul-21
Duration: 55 Mins

From Aitchison to Ann Arbor

Interviewed by: Dr. Sanval Nasim
Session: 07
Date: 16-Jul-21
Duration: 64 Mins

Beyond Boundaries: The School of Science and Engineering

Interviewed by: Dr. Muhammad Sabieh
Anwar Session: 08
Date: 28-Jul-21
Duration: 56 Mins

Establishing a World-class University in Pakistan

Interviewed by: Prof. Wasif M Khan
Session: 09
Date: 30-Jul-21
Duration: 57 Mins

Leadership, Innovation and Strategy

Interviewed by: Sadia Khurram
Session: 10
Date: 4-Aug-21
Duration: 56 Mins

Ethics in Life and in Business

Interviewed by: Sarah Pervez
Session: 11
Date: 6-Aug-21
Duration: 38 Mins

Learning from Others

Interviewed by: Dr. Osama Siddique
Session: 12
Date: 11-Aug-21
Duration: 67 Mins

A Life Spent in Service

Interviewed by: Dr. Suleman Shahid
Session: 13
Date: 13-Aug-21
Duration: 58 Mins

Memories of Aitchison College

Interviewed by: Micheal Thomson, Amina Kamran, Syed Haider Ali, Shahmir Aziz
Session: 14
Date: 20-Aug-21
Duration: 45 Mins

Learning and Education

Interviewed by: Dr. Faisal Bari
Session: 15
Date: 25-Aug-21
Duration: 55 Mins

Promoting Education

Interviewed by: Dr. Ali Khan
Session: 16
Date: 27-Aug-21
Duration: 63 Mins

Law, legality and Justice

Interviewed by: Dr. Sadaf Aziz
Session: 17
Date: 1-Sep-20
Duration: 44 Mins

Philosophy of Giving

Interviewed by: Dr. Suleman Shahid
Session: 18
Date: 4-Sep-21
Duration: 47 Mins

Thinking Beyond One’s Own Lifetime

Interviewed by:Dr. Arshad Ahmad
Session: 19
Date: 8-Sep-21
Duration: 42 Mins

Giving: The Essence of Life

Interviewed by: Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan
Session: 20
Date: 10-Sep-21
Duration: 47 Mins

Management Lessons

Interviewed by: Dr. Ehsan Ul Haque
Session: 21
Date: 15-Sep-21
Duration: 63 Mins

Ethical Leadership

Interviewed by: Dr. Jawad Syed & Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan
Session: 22
Date: 17-Sep-21
Duration: 54 Mins